Let your friend, colleague or loved one know how much they mean to you with this special personalised print.Our personalised dictionary print is a thoughtful and personal gift for special occasions, birthdays, to say thank you, or as a leaving gift. Our customers tell us it usually brings a tear to their eyes! It is an advert for your best friend.It’s not often we take a moment to let our friends or loved ones know exactly what they mean to us, and why we treasure them so dearly.Perhaps your loved one or friend is a world-class listener, and you love that they always know just what to say. Or maybe you’ve travelled the world together, been at each other’s weddings and celebrated and commiserated through the ups and downs of life. Whatever makes your friendship special, you can share it in this print.You have 250 characters (including spaces) to write your definition of a friend/colleague, partner or loved one in the space for the third definition.Please note: You do not need to write FRIEND 3 in your personalised definition.We will provide the first 2 nouns in the text, all you need to do is write your definition of a friend/colleague, partner or loved one in the space for the third definition. You have 250 characters (including spaces) COLOUR SCHEMES & STYLES:We offer this print in 5 different colours, white, teal, orange, blue and grey and 2 frame options. Please see the product images for examples of each colour scheme. FRAMING:We offer 2 custom made frames, black or white 20mm wood.All framed prints are made to order, and are supplied glazed with glass, with all the fixings attached so they are ready to hang. Prints are printed on 220gsm cotton fibre paper, using the finest pigment inks, meaning your print will not fade over time.

Dimensions:Print and frame total size: 16inch x 20inch
Print size is A3: 12inch by 17inch and frame total size: 14inch x 19inch

Personlised dictionary print

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